10,0000 Lakes Republican Women            The MN Virtual Club

It Begins at the Caucus...

The 19th Amendment, which granted women the right to vote in the United States, was a significant milestone in the pursuit of equality. By actively taking part in the MN Caucus process and exercising our right to vote, we contribute to the democratic principles that form the foundation of our country. Civic engagement is crucial for a healthy democracy, and every woman's voice matters. As conservative women, we must express our opinions, contribute to shaping the future of our community, and uphold the values that are important to us. Show your love for our country, become a delegate-we need you.


  1. MN Caucus-February 27. Sign up as a Delegate!
  2. Local Convention-April 6. Endorse your State Representative. Elect CD and State Delegates.
  3. Congressional District Convention-May 4. Endorse your US Representative. Elect National Delegates.
  4. State Convention-May 16-18. County Delegates vote on Resolutions and elect National Delegates.
  5. Republican National Convention-July15-18. Every 4 years Endorse a Presidential Candidate.

If you are new to the Caucus, steps 1 & 2 are highly recommended!  🇺🇸


We had a great first year! Wait till you see who is next!

  • National Names
  • National Issues
  • Exclusive Conversations


Welcome to the 10,000 Lakes Republican Women VIRTUAL and (Live Event) Club.

As women in this statewide virtual group, we aim to educate, empower and promote conservative principles. We will host both VIRTUAL and occasional LIVE events to meet the needs of those conservative, busy women, and to afford a forum to develop leadership skills and the next generation of leaders. Our events will feature a chance to network, learn, and hear from incredible speakers.  See our past and future speakers on our Meetings & Speakers page!

Join Our Club!

10KLRW Membership includes FOUR clubs:

  • 10,000 Lakes Republican Women
  • MN Federation of Republican Women
  • National Fed of Republican Women
  • Virtual Club Coalition Membership

Associate Members are those Women members in good standing of another MNFRW club that choose to join as an Associate Member of 10KLRW. All Associate members are NON VOTING MEMBERS.

Founders are cornerstone members, those  who provided early commitment, enthusiasm, and efforts that laid the foundation for 10KLRW's growth and success.

Virtual–Live–Coalition Events!

Each VIRTUAL meeting will feature time to network, sharpen those communication skills and truly connect. Our speakers will offer insight on a wide range of topics. 

If you enjoy great speakers on today's topics, our LIVE Events scattered throughout the year will be an opportunity to connect, communicate and network.

Continue the conversation and learn more nationally by attending the VCC - Virtual Club Coalition events held monthly. Details are emailed to members and are posted on our private social pages.


Members of 10KLRW are granted
membership for invite only guest presentations.


Members of 10KLRW are granted
membership in MNFRW


Members of 10KLRW are granted
membership in NFRWhttps://www.nfrw.rg/

Need to contact us? Email info@10klrw.com

Mail to: 10KLRW, c/o Karen Gaasvig, PO Box 730, Bemidji, MN 56619